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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing when to file Form 1120-W

Instructions and Help about when to file Form 1120-W

Hey everyone thanks for joining me on this rainy Saturday today we're gonna do a quick overview or walk along on how to do the ATF Form 1 to create an SBR as an individual now I'm not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice this is simply informed opinion because I have done two of these on my own and I've gotten two tax stamps as a result so I think I have enough experience to be able to speak very briefly and as an overview about this process one more thing this is only going to address SBR s as an individual and specifically it's only addressing a our style short-barreled rifles so I'm not gonna touch on a case here or any other type of short barreled rifle I simply know ARS the best and that's what is going to be talked about in this video all right as you can see on the screen here this is a screen capture of the new ATF form one or the full name is the ATF eform 153 20.1 which was revised in May 2021 you can get these forms by going to the ATF's website this is available as a PDF which you can download and the cool thing about this is you no longer have to fill it out by hand you can type this up on the computer it will auto-generate in the to duplicate forms at the end and then you simply save and print those out which is great it's so much easier than doing this by hand so I recommend you do that to start with now question one type of application this is directly linked to question two which is about who's making the form there who's submitting the form for us this is gonna be type 1a because we're submitting $200 with the application now it says here you can submit this as a check or money order or you can put in your credit card or debit card information ironically the one thing you can't do is submit cash so don't put cash in the mail because you probably won't get it back but tax paid we're paying $200 yes it's a it's a ridiculous it's atrocious it's unconstitutional yes it's all of those things but that's not in the scope of this video this is simply how to submit the form 1 so 1 a and then following that we're going to check individual in question - this says you're submitting this paperwork and you're applying to make an NFA item a National Firearms Act item as an individual now question three I've always left three a blank I've never had the need to fill that out and if you want to know more about what this means I suggest you go and research it on your own because I don't actually have more information on that 3b however this is where you're going to put in your.