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Which five world leaders will actually make the world a better place?
There are dearth of worth emulating leaders these days. There is no other way out except making ourselves that perfect leader whom we want to emulate in life. As a matter of fact our five sense organs are the real leaders which if controlled properly can do miracles. History is replete with many such examples where the ordinary persons by controlling their sense organs did extraordinary works. many time we fall in the trap of religions. religions are real culprit which doesn't allow the advance form of civilization to take its root in the world so that world may become a better place to live in. many religious scriptures directly orders discrimination based on religion and which eventually germinates the hatred towards other religion and their followers. Unfortunately many such leaders which creates antagonism and hatred in the society commands tremendous respect in the societies world over. We have to read virtuous book like Bhagwadgita and Vedanta philosophy as illustrated by Swami Vivekananda which prescribes lot of panacea and mantras for imbibing and assimilating virtues and thereby transforming the society as a whole. So, we have to transcend beyond caste, creed and religion to establish virtues all around us by becoming perfect epitome and icon in the world. Hate the haters and love the lovers!
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