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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing where do i mail my federal estimated tax payment

Instructions and Help about where do i mail my federal estimated tax payment

Hey guys it's Anthony Fontana here I'm an IRS enrolled agent with ei tax resolutions and today I'm answering my clients favorite question how do I pay the IRS okay so how do we pay the IRS is a great question we got five ways that we can pay the IRS you can pay when you file online by phone by mail or through believe it or not the IRS has a smartphone app that you can use to pay the IRS okay let's start with the easiest way to pay the IRS it's when you file so if you Eve files most people do beware most efile software providers do not offer the credit or debit card option to pay the IRS some do you'll want to check with the e-file software provider before starting to prepare your return if that's what you're thinking of how to pay for your taxes just be aware if you do use the card they will charge a processing fee - for your transaction now if you're gonna use your check in their savings account all you'll need is the account number the routing number and a date you want the funds to be withdrawn from your bank account be sure the date is before your due date and once you click a file the IRS will then take the funds out of your bank account on the chosen date now on the flip side if you pay per file which some people still do all you have to do is include a check or money order in the envelope that you include your tax return in be sure to make the check or money order payable to the Department of the Treasury and include your social security number the tax year and the tax form that you're filing on the memo line of the check or money order to make sure the IRS doesn't apply your payment to someone else's account now on to the second option online so depending if you want to use the debit or credit card or the check in your savings account you know there's various websites you have to use so the checking or savings account will not incur any processing fee and you were using the Iris's direct website it's called iris direct pay and when you use their website which I will include a link in the description below you'll need to have your tax return handy as they will be asking for information from your return you know to verify who you are and your paint for the to count now if you want to use the debit or credit card option the IRS has three companies that they use for these transactions they do include processing fees however it works to pay for your taxes so I'll include a link to the three various websites to use for your debit or credit card online another option to pay for your taxes.